Is this weird? Are you uncomfortable right now? Did you just click this tab and think, “Really, Ms. I Wrote a Book and Now I Think I Need a Frequently Asked Section”? Because, oh, God I’m so so sorry if so. I made this awkward for us, didn’t I? Just…just give me a chance, okay? I swear I’ll make it up to you. We’re good together, you and me. Don’t…WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE SEEING OTHER WRITERS I TRUSTED YOU.

No, no. I’m kidding. You can see other writers. It’s fine. I’m totally cool with it. And you know, I’m making this little section but I promise if you want to ask me one of these questions again, I will answer it for you. Personally. Because that’s what we have, a personal, loving relationship where I basically follow you around asking if we can go get nachos and also if you love me.

1. Will you be at [insert event here]?

The short answer to this question is: no. Unfortunately I will not be.

The longer version is this: As much as part of me would love to come hang out, at this point, it’s just not possible for most events I’d have to travel a significant distance away from home for. I have two small children, one of whom is special needs. Leaving makes me feel sad and guilty and also a little twitchy, because I never know what my absence will mean or how it will affect him. I also have wicked bad social anxiety, so, for now, I’m sitting those dances out.

But who knows? If something local comes up, you may just see me. Probably with a flask in my purse.

2. Do you have to read Wild Ones in order to understand Losing Streak?

You don’t! Wild Ones and Losing Streak are companion novels and can be read as standalones.

3. Can I buy your books in print?

KINDA! As of June 2nd, 2014, Wild Ones is available in paperback through Amazon. Losing Streak, for now, will only be available as an e-book.

4. What is New Adult?

New Adult is a wonderful, glorious, magical genre that only recently sprung into being featuring protagonists between 18 and 26ish.

5. Will there be any more books set on the Lane after Losing Streak?

I’m not ready to leave the Lane quite yet. It’s kinda my home, you know? It’s the place where I started and Bri, Rosie, Jax, and Co. have become my family and people. That being said, there is currently nothing written in stone, though I hope to have some sort of announcement soon.

YES. Jax’s book has been put on hold, but is coming!

6. Will you marry me?

Yes. Don’t tell my Betty.

7. Wait. Betty. What’s the deal with Betty?

Betty is my husband. He’s a man. Mostly. I wrote about him, and his baffling nickname, here. The short story is: He’s very pretty and occasionally bitches like a little old lady with a bad hip and a disdain for young thundercats who drive like devils. He’s a good sport about his nickname. Or he might also be planning my demise. Not sure.

8. How in God’s name do you pronounce Wyllys?

Like Willis. There’s just Y’s instead of I’s. It gets mispronounced and misspelled frequently, so if you call me something else, chances are I’ll respond without blinking.

9. I know we don’t really know each other but will you read my story and give me feedback?

Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I can’t. But no worries! You can find awesome CPs at places like AbsoluteWrite!

10. Do you have any advice?

Yes. Don’t be an asshole.

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