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Kristine Wyllys is a brownish, 30-something foul-mouthed introvert with big hair and bigger sunglasses. She was born in a city full of college kids and dying automotive plants outside of Detroit and now kicks off her boots in a town too tiny to be considered one in the northern version of the Carolinas. She married her high school sweetheart, a boy she calls Betty, when they were still babies and together they made a pair of sweet-faced, magical babies all their own: a charming old soul of a boy with a crooked grin who’s on the spectrum and a wild, second-born prince with mischievous eyes and a fierce left hook. 

When not writing, Kristine’s breaking smartphones and naming fictional chickens after Harry Potter characters. They will live in her barn and be her first line of defense during the zombie apocalypse. She has a staggering weakness for Elvis, books, twangy music, the color pink and pants are her mortal enemy. She takes her beer domestic, Diet Mt Dew in a can, and at any given moment, she’d sell her soul for a pizza.

Kristine’s first book, Wild Ones, a New Adult contemporary romance, came out January 13th, 2014 from Carina Press with book two, Losing Streak, following September 15th, 2014.
Kingdom Come, the third, and final, book in the Lane Series, is forthcoming.

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