I can speak for myself. I am awesome.

Disclaimer: the following post was written entirely by my son. I have not edited, tweaked, or otherwise touched it in any way. It’s being posted with his consent, or, rather, his encouragement¬† (“so people can know me!” he said. Then, “Maybe I will be Internet famous.”)

I don’t know if this will make him Internet Famous like he hoped for, but I’m pretty excited for y’all to know him.


I am in third grade and eight years old. I have a very moderate case of Autism. Sometimes I don’t like having autism very much. Sometimes it is kinda cool. My mom says we’re kinda like X-Men. (If you don’t know what X-Men is, try the movie. Your family would probably like it. I don’t watch X-Men much.) I’m in the EC class (EC means Exceptional Child) and a regular classroom. I don’t think I’m that kinda kid for the regular class though. I go to my first EC class of the day at 8:15 am and almost every single day I forget I have to go. I have a bit of a problem remembering things.

Autism is being different in some ways. I think different. I hear different. I feel emotions different. I understand different. I’m not diseased. It’s a life long thing. Dealing with life is kinda hard sometimes for a kid like me. But I don’t need cured.

This is what it means to be me. My brain is like a computer sometimes. It feels like I have too many tabs open. Many things bother me. Like really loud noises such as alarms and loud TVs. There’s a switch in my brain that turns on panic mode. I get nervous when I don’t know what a noise is. Being touched kinda makes me feel a bit nervous. It makes my skin feel funny. I don’t like some foods by the smell and the way it feels in my mouth. It’s hard to think when there is too much. I’m very smart but sometimes I don’t understand.

My two favorite video games are Minecraft and Portal 2. I like Star Wars and Legos and ships like the Titanic (examples are Lusitania and Britannic.) Some things like space are really cool to me. I’m good at reading and physics and patterns. I’m a big brother and a good friend.

Autism is cool in some ways. It makes me good at some things and bad at some things. It is not a curse. It’s who I am. I’m a kid.

Kristine’s son (that’s not her real name)


11 thoughts on “I can speak for myself. I am awesome.

  1. Hi, 8!
    This was really great to read and helped me understand how you experience the world. I keep hearing about Minecraft…maybe I’ll have to give it a try. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi 8! (Not your real name, I know, but that’s OK)

    I have autism, too. I am about your mom’s age. I like X-Men, but I also like Star Wars, and learning about history and space. I’m good at reading and patterns, too.

    When I was eight no one knew I had autism. It was hard to remember things, even though I knew I was smart. A lot of clothes felt bad on my skin, I had trouble with foods the same way you do, and I got nervous really easily. (I still get nervous and sometimes I jump a little when someone walks up behind me and makes a surprising sound.)

    When I found out I was autistic, I liked myself more and my life got easier. Sometimes being different is still hard for me in certain ways, but like you said, it’s also kind of cool.

    I like to learn a lot, and sometimes the stuff I like to study helps me help other people. Autism makes me a good friend because I pay attention and try to learn other people like they were a subject I liked at school, and because it’s easy for me to be honest. When I tell friends good things I noticed and remembered about them, it makes them feel very special; they know I would only tell them good things I really believed were true.

    Thank you for telling the Internet about you; I try to tell people similar facts about myself and my autism. When we talk to people about who we are and what makes us different, it makes the different parts less scary for them, so I think it is brave and kind of you to share about yourself with us.

    Elizabeth Aislinn (my real first name, and my special middle name that my friends get to use)

  3. I love this so much! I love him! Getting to know him this was way so wonderful. What a beautiful kid. My heart. I’m gonna share the hell out of this so he can be internet famous. (Also, LOL about the “that’s not her real name” part.)

  4. Dear 8,

    You are definitely awesome! I love your writing style; it’s super-mature and very witty.

    I have three kids aged 7, 9 and seventeen who all have autism, and my husband has it too. When my kids get down I remind them that they are so totally X-Men with their next-generation brains and super sensing powers. I’m glad there’s another autistic X-Man in the world, even if you are all the way on the other side of the world (nearly!). (My husband doesn’t want to be an X-Man unless sleeping can be his superpower…)

    Keep being awesome, 8, and well done for a fabulous blog post.

    K x

  5. “too many tabs open” yes yes yes! that is such a brilliant way to explain how my brain gets sometimes! thank you, kristine’s son!

    I also like star wars! when it, theoriginal first movie, came out, i dressed up as princess leia, and one day i went with other people in the group to a place called “marine world”. it was where the elephants who were dressed up to play the banthas in the movie lived. i got to ride one of the elephants who was a bantha whilst dressed as leia, and it was very fun!

  6. It’s nice to meet you, Kristine’s son! Thank you for telling us about yourself! I love how you talk about autism making you special and a good friend. Thank you for reminding me that the things that make me different also make me a better person in many way!

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