Closing out New Adult Read Aloud with Angie Sandro’s Dark Paradise.

Or: How it took me two days and roughly 80 million tries to get a mostly coherent recording.


All this past week, a group of New Adult authors have taken turns reading excerpts from each other’s books. It’s been a blast, hearing what everyone sounds like as well as being read to. What can I say? I’m still a girl who likes to be read to like it’s story time.

Today is the final day, and bless their souls, they slated me to close it out. Knee-jerk is to say the best was saved for last, but truthfully, it’s more like, “This girl should go on Saturday when hopefully everyone is busy with other things because God Almighty is she a trainwreck.”

But you know what isn’t a trainwreck? Angie Sandro‘s Dark Paradise, which I hands-in-the-air adore. So here is me, reading an excerpt from it, and also threatening to fight everyone for Landry:

You can find Dark Paradise, as well as it’s sequels Dark Sacrifice and Dark Redemption, here:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the master list, with the links to all the videos. Maybe even my blopper reel because, seriously, it’s both hilarious and pathetic.


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