First things first: As of today, you maybe probably could be able to purchase WILD ONES, book one in The Lane Series in PRINT. It’s gonna be offered exclusively through Amazon POD services, and while that option should go live today, there’s a possibility it will be in the next couple of days instead. Either way. PRINT. MY GIRL BRI WILL BE IN PRINT.
Speaking of my girls, I am so so excited to introduce y’all to Losing Streak‘s Rosie and Brandon:

LOSING STREAK (The Lane, #2)
Release date: September 15, 2014.
I’m cheating, I KNOW. I’m handing you a cover with no blurb and I apologize for that. The next few weeks are gonna be crazy here in Chez Wyllys as my mom is coming from Michigan and my sister is going to be birthing my new partner-in-crime, er, I mean my nephew, and LOOK. I’m VERY VERY EXCITED OKAY? I mean, look at them. They are gorgeous. That cover is gorgeous. And I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you.
So to make up for no blurb, have an excerpt instead?
        “They call you the Closer.”
        Brandon shrugged around me. “That’s what I’ve heard. Around. They call you the Closer. As in, ‘How did you end up here?’ ‘Oh, the King sent in his Closer.’”
        I felt my spine straighten.
        “Oh, I like that. The Closer. MacBain’s wife called me a wolf. Kinda liked that too.”
        “I don’t.”
        “Why? Jealous you don’t have a nickname?”
        His hands flexed against my hips once before relaxing.
        “No. That’s not it. I just don’t like that you’re in so deep that you have a street name. Think about it. We only have two more months until this is over. In two months we can walk. But you have a name. You’ve become such a big part of what King does. You can’t just make a clean break. How? People know who you are and who you work for. They either hate you or respect you, but they all know you.”
        I’d known that of course. That I was known, even if I wasn’t really, but I’d never thought of it like that. I hadn’t really about it, period. I just did because doing was safer than thinking.
        “I’ll be able to walk,” I finally said, hoping my voice didn’t sound as uncertain to him as it did to my own ears. “That was the deal. There’s no way Joshua would back out of it.”
        “No? You trust him? Because I sure as fuck don’t.”
        “God, no,” I said firmly. “But that was our deal. If nothing else, he’s good at keeping his word. Besides, what about you? You’re involved too.”
        “Not like you. I’m just the guy that does what he’s told but otherwise keeps his head down. King sends me somewhere, I go. He tells me to come back, I do. I don’t get involved in anything that would complicate shit.” Something in his expression shifted suddenly and his hands tightened on my hips, almost bruisingly. “Except for right now. God, babe, this is pretty fucking inappropriate considering the topic, but I’m dying to complicate some shit right now. Like shove-you-up-against-this-wall complicate.”


You can see other teasers, both for Wild Ones and Losing Streak, over at:  this way and add my girl Rosie to your to-read shelves at: Goodreads.

Now let’s all scroll back up and sigh at Brandon’s shoulders, shall we? Yessss. The preciousssss.


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