And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.

You don’t have to click those. I was just looking for an excuse to show my cleverness quote that. 
So — News! Updates! Rambling! What’s happening over here in Chez Wyllys! Honestly, I could do a newsletter every month, other authors do it and it seems like a very author-y activity that I should probably take part in, but I’m afraid if I started one, I’d either: A.) Never keep up with it OR B.) End up talking about food and what shows I’ve been binge-watching on Netflix. (Speaking of Netflix, I have this new life goal of forcing them to acknowledge my existence on Twitter and/or accept my offer to bear their beautiful streaming babies. Will keep you updated on any developments.)
Annnnnyway. As I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself:

If you follow or like or are a fan of me on Facebook, honestly, I can’t keep up with the lingo anymore, you might have noticed I haven’t been posting as often as used to over there. Or maybe not. Which is why I haven’t been posting as much there. Facebook has, for the last year or so, been moving towards an algorithm that strongly favors paid advertisers. Money makes the world go round and all that. The bare bones truth of it is: I do not want to sink money into Facebook when I can just as easily use other platforms that aren’t trying to dig into my wallet to interact with my readers. So I’ve basically moved over to Twitter and have been hanging out there full time. I’ll still keep and attempt to kinda maintain my Facebook page should you want to keep up with things that way (or have, like, I don’t know, a Likes quota you’re looking to meet.) Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee my posts will reach you. There used to be tricks and cheats to duck under all the red tape, but the jury is out on whether or not they still work. 
Speaking of Twitter, I and a fabulous group of New Adult authors have started a weekly Twitter party to talk books, and life, and NA. Every week we have a new topic and there may even be giveaways occasionally. Oh yeah, and this girl makes the Official!Graphics which you are totally welcome to snag and use to spread the word:
click for full-size.
It’s an all day, casual sort of thing, so there’s no blocking off a time on your schedules to keep up with a chat and we’d all absolutely love it if you joined us.
In other PARTY news, sometime in the nearish future, Nina and I will be doing a series of posts spread between our two blogs. We’ve yet to settle on a for sure date the first post will go live, or even posting schedule thereafter, but they’ll all fall under that I Am Woman Hear Me Roar, Bitches theme. Also, I cannot lie, the graphics might be one of my very favorite things ever:
So, yeah. Keep your eye out for that. I’m sure I’ll also be squealing when that time comes because I’m ridiculously excited to take all these talks we’ve always had and put them out there and maybe get others in the conversation as well. Also, there’s more graphics and, I’m saying this in the most humble way possible, they are glorious.
While we’re on the topic of blogs, Carina Press has scheduled a book blitz featuring some of their New Adult titles, including WILD ONES. If you are a blogger and are interested in taking part in it, you can do so over at Xpresso Book Tours. I’m not sure when the sign-up deadline is, but it looks like Giselle is sending out all the promo stuff for it on the 14th, so I’m gonna assume some time before then. The blitz will run from March 17th – 24th and there will be excerpts and guest posts you can use and also giveaway prizes that Carina is providing. Unfortunately those prizes do not include awesomest drawings of dragons and dinosaurs, but I can almost 99.999% guarantee they’ll be even cooler.
(Also: prizes. Man. I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of giveaway in the very near future, but kinda suck at picking prizes. What kinda swag type things are people generally interested in as far as prizes go? Bookmarks? T-shirts? Prints to hang up in bathrooms? A flask? What?) 
Finally, I’m currently knee-deep in line edits for LOSING STREAK which, unless something changes, is slated to be released at the end of October. As for WILD ONES, it’s of course already available, and Kobo, which I know absolutely nothing about, has been having some crazy wicked full-site coupons/discounts lately, so if you haven’t already done so, you can get it from there on the cheap. I think Kobo sells pdf format? I’m not sure. But should you need a different format than whatever it is they are selling, I would be happy to walk you through how to use Calibre to convert. Just shoot me an email. I’ll even hook you up with a step-by-step in pictures.
Before I bow out, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone. For buying. For reading. For reviewing. Basically for being absolutely wonderful and supportive of this newbie author and her crazy fictional kids. You all are the best ever. I’m not just saying that either. You are all the very best in time and space.
So, thank you. So very, bloody much, thank you.

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