Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax. Of cabbages and kings.

Andbutso, I have things to discuss. An update, of sorts, to this post
We are now officially two days away from Wild Ones release date. 
I have the best Plus One evar.


I believe, for those of you that have pre-ordered, it should be available not long after midnight on your devices. For those of you that have not preordered, stop. Don’t move. Traveling with T kindly informed me that something like nine blogs will be participating in a Wild Ones giveaway throughout the month of January. So far I only know of T (who has an e-copy up for grabs) and the Harlequin Junkie (who’s doing a bundle). From what I understand, which, bear in mind, is very little as a general rule about most things, Harlequin is doing this, so there’s a 67% chance they caught wind of my horrible marketing skills and have stepped in:


See what I mean? Self-promotion is not one of my strengths.
In addition to zombies possibly endorsing it, Jane from Dear Author did a thing that made me fall on the floor and clutch my chest:

Those aren’t tears in my eyes what are you doing stop staring at me like that.



Which in turn led to this happening:









And basically there’s a 97% forecast of me being reduced to a burrito of feelings before Monday even gets here.




Oh, and I also got to talk to some Bronies about BronyCon. Which was just as awesome as it sounds.

I mentioned in my last news-y type post that I’m going to be over on the Carina blog on the 17th. That’s still a go and I’ll be talking New Adult and how it’s awesome. It’ll go live around 10am and should you feel like taking pity on a girl and hanging out with her in the comment section, I’ll be giving away a giftcard to a random commenter. What? What do you mean that sounds suspiciously like a bribe? Totally not. I’m totally not using a prize as an incentive for you to pay attention to me. OH GOD PLZ PAY ATTENTION TO ME I’M VERY NEEDY. Haha. Jk. What’s that? Not my neediness. Let’s move on.
On the 29th, Harlequin is being super awesome and having some of us Carina girls over on their blog to talk more about New Adult and why it’s fantastic and why you should definitely be reading it. I’m pretty geeked about that because, dude, Harlequin. They’re it when it comes to romance.
That’s it as far as where I’ll be hanging out these next few weeks. If you are a blogger who happens to stumble on this post and find yourself in the market for a Q&A or the like with a relative Nobody, get a hold of a girl. My contact deets are over this way. I’d love to come hang out and talk books with you. It doesn’t even have to be my book. Wanna discuss, I don’t know, The Giver? We can do that. Or pizza. We can talk about pizza and random documentaries on Netflix. Or Doctor Who. Do you want to talk Doctor Who? I’m your girl. Just don’t hold it against me that I used the word “deets.”
Finally, if you read Wild Ones, or any book for that matter, and like it, please consider heading over to Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, any type of review/ranking site of that nature, and saying so. If you read Wild Ones (or any book, really) and hate it, you know, do the same. Basically: let people know what you think. Word of mouth is probably the main way other readers find out about books. So do the author and reader a solid and spread the word. Be warned, however. The Boy has already said that if any of y’all are mean to me and tell me “blah blah blah you’re a stupid, Mommy” he’s gonna make you say sorry or you’ll risk being destroyed. He then went on to jabber for 15 minutes about the Titanic broken up by lyrics from Imagine Dragon’s “Monsters.” I don’t know. I think that was his six-year-old, autistic way of saying even if you hate something, be mostly nice. Don’t call people “a stupids” if it can be helped. Solid advice, that. But if you do want to call me a stupid, sometimes such things are unavoidable and I understand that, I promise I won’t tell him.
In case I dont get a chance to say it again before the Big Day, I’d like to thank everyone again for their support. Seriously. I can’t begin to explain how much it means. This has all been a massive dream come true and having so many people rooting for me right from the get is nothing short of magical. So I’m saying it, I’m screaming it, I’m whispering it with the fiercest of whispers: thank you.

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