The time has come, the Walrus said. To talk of many things.

Holy shit. Christmas is over. Christmas is over and we’re in the last few days of 2013 and, man, this year has been weird. It’s been up and down and gone on for ages, yet I blinked and here we are. Flying towards 2014 and the release of my first book and whoa. Whoa. Life, what are you even doing?

Speaking of The Book, so many things are happening. It’s up on NetGalley and available for request. Nina has reviewed it as did Christina from Pretty Lil Page Turner. I..I honestly don’t know if it’s been reviewed anywhere else because I have, thus far, avoided even looking it up out of crippling terror. It’s up for pre-order on all the major retail sites, which I’ve linked individually over on my books page. On the 17th, I’ll be hosting the Carina Press blog (which you totally should check in for because I’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY) and sometime after that, Stina Lindenblatt, Danube Adele, and I will be over on the Harlequin blog talking all things New Adult. Speaking of Stina, I’m also (tentatively) doing a guest post over on her blog leading up to Wild Ones‘s release, where I’ll probably just shove my playlist at people because MUSIC. I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MUSIC. LET’S SQUEAL OVER BANJOS.

What else? Is there anything else? Did I tell you that book two has a name and possible release date? I probably did not because I am not the best at blogging. I have great intentions though. Really I do.

I think that’s about it as far as news goes. Have a picture of a dragon:



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