A night of revisions: a story told in pictures.

Disclaimer: the following reactions are all real and not staged. Well. Not staged in the sense that I caught myself doing them and then recreated them on my webcam.
Because sometimes plans fall through and you end up spending a cold weekend at home and your manuscript is sitting in a folder on your computer screaming at you, “DO SOMETHING WITH ME ALREADY. WE HAVE THINGS TO FIX IN ORDER TO MOVE FORWARD.” So, Diet Mt. Dew is poured, pen and paper is nearby, and your notPod is fired up ready to go. Then somewhere in hour three, you realize you haven’t deleted a single song off your notPod in four years and…well, it’s just all downhill from there:

What the hell was I thinking there? What…IS THAT EVEN A WORD?


“Do your friends need want.” DO YOU FRIENDS NEED WANT. WTF WAS THAT.
“Oh, hey, sister-girl! What? No…I’m not busy. I’m not doing anything actually.
Please tell me your entire life story starting with your earliest memory and ending with this moment.


I hate everything.
I….I can’t.
Look. It happens.
And the inevitable Plus One texting

And then I usually curl up into a ball, start sobbing as I delete adverbs, because Stephen King said the road to hell is paved with them.


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